Hāinu Lāʻau

Cultivating Wellness

The Series of Hands-On Lapaʻau Workshops

Learn traditional Hawaiian practices for the ʻOhana household


Funded by the Native Hawaiian Education Program

What is Hāinu Lāʻau?

The Hāinu Lāʻau project will host a series of cohort workshops that will provide Hawaiian Culture-based health and wellness educational courses providing parents and students with skills and practices to increase their health and wellbeing in the home to cope with the challenges caused by COVID19.

Curriculum Contents

Each cohort content may vary determined by the instructor, facilities, and natural environments.

The curriculum may include:

Mana Management
Lomi Noho
Gathering Protocol
Mea Hoʻōla
Lāʻau Lapaʻau
Lomi ʻAʻe
ʻAi Pono


Creating a home environment conducive to learning & academic improvement
Understanding basic concepts of mauli ola for self and family

Building pilina in family

Extra Perks

Set of lomi tools to use for self and family, and also skills on how to use and make them
Basic lomi skills to address desk/computer fatigue in back, neck, and shoulders
Starter lāʻau for home garden that can be used for Mauli Ola
Learn moʻolelo of places in your community, learning “whatʻs in my backyard?”
Learning new mauli ola skills that can encourage participants or other family members to want to learn more

*Disclaimer - Each perk is unique depending on which practitioner you learn from


Preferences will be Middle/Intermediate-Age Native Hawaiian Students and their ʻohana from the Moku of ʻEwa

(Moanalua to Makakilo) & Nā Moku of Koʻolau (Waimānalo to Pūpūkea).

Next Event Dates

Fall 2023 - Cohort 2

Koʻolau Dates:
Sun: 9/24, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22
ʻEwa Dates:
Sat: 10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28

Name: Kaʻai Koki

Title: Project Manager

E-mail: kaai@huimauliola.org


Name: Malia Killam

Title: Koʻolau Community Coordinator

E-mail: malia@huimauliola.org

Name: Chanel Wong

Title: ʻEwa Community Coordinator

E-mail: Chanel@huimauliola.org

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join if I don't have a child?

The Hāinu Lāʻau program is designed to primarily focus on ʻōpio currently enrolled in grades 6-8.  If you are a family member other than the parent who would like to be the participating adult, we will allow that with the parentʻs/legal guardianʻs consent.

Are there any commitments outside of the workshops?

Yes.  We ask that you begin to incorporate what you learn in the workshops into your family and home.  We also ask that you complete weekly journals and also participate in two surveys, one on the first day and the last day of class.  There are also two follow-up surveys (six months and one year) that we will send via email.  

I heard there will be pule/prayers involved in this program.  What kind of prayers are being taught?

Yes.  Pule/Prayer and spiritual health are very important in traditional Hawaiian health and wellness practices.  The prayers taught are non-denominational, to respect all faiths.  The prayers are meant to express gratitude for and continuance of health and wellness for the individual and the family.

Will there be any physical labor?

Yes.  Some of the classes will be at a gathering area where we will be picking waiawī and shaping them into lomi tools. There will be safety protocols in place to ensure tools will be used properly.

I don't have any background in Hawaiian language or culture, can I still participate?

Absolutely yes!  This program is meant to be an introduction to various practices in mauli ola and can be a benefit to people at any level of experience and understanding.

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