Ke Ala O Ka Mahina: Hawaiian Fishing and Farming Moon Calendar.

Hawaiian perspective on the flow of time. Its design reflects the relationship among the spiritual, natural, and human realms. In Hawaiian culture, the mahina (moon) is an abode of the goddess Hina. Our Kūpuna (ancestors) used the phases of the mahina as a guide to sustain life and maintain balance in the environment. Many people continue to rely on traditional Hawaiian knowledge as a guide for daily activities, including fishing and farming. How do the moon cycles affect you, your family, and your environment?

Lāʻau Lomilomi (Lomi Sticks) – Complex Design

Lāʻau Lomilomi (Lomi Sticks) – Simple Design

Lāʻau Lomilomi put the wood to your aches and pains. Crafted in Hawaii from guava wood, these help individuals to loosen their own muscles and self-lomi. Stunning finishes make these attractive pieces of art as well.

Handmade & Unique
Our handcrafted Lāʻau Lomilomi lomi sticks make fine use of invasive guava. Effectively work out your knots knowing that you’re contributing to reforestation! These provide high levels of pressure to points throughout the thoracic area of the spine and the trapezius.

Customization? Drop us a line…
Each Lāʻau Lomilomi is individual. So contact us if you have specific needs. Size is important and we want to provide you with something suited to match your body type. Maybe you want your Lāʻau Lomilomi customized? We can help with special orders. Please contact us regarding stock as the are produced on a order by order basis. We may need to take time to procure wood or carve. Carving times vary between one to two weeks depending on demand.

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