Makaʻala Yates Returns to Leo Kupa!

Stories of problem solving low back pain, connection to our past and golfing in the 70ʻs!

Dr. Makaʻala Yates D.C. is a Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian Ancestry) who specializes in Hawaiian medicine. His studies began at the age of 6.  He has been teaching Hawaiian medicine and practices for 35 years.  He is the founder of Mana Lomi® and Indigenous Botanicals.  Makaʻala is also an original crew member of Hokuleʻa in 1976.  He is also a Vietnam Veteran.  Maka’ala received the Kaonohi Award in 2005 for his excellence in Hawaiian medicine and community support. He is the author of “Na’auao Ola Hawaii: Hawaiian Practices and Principles of Being Well.”

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