Hui Mauli Ola LogoThe Hui Mauli Ola logo was based off of the foundational practice of Hāhā (diagnosis) that was developed under Lonopuha’s order of healing. The colors within the design were chosen to represent the colors of the stones that were used in Hāhā. White for the bone, Red for the circulatory system, Grey for the muscles, and Black for the sickness.

The design embodies the balance of Ku & Hina which are mirror images of masculine and feminine. The four grey upside down triangles also represent and acknowledge the four akua, which healing is attributed to. Within the four akua spaces, make up the three healing treatment methodology of administering in odd numbers. The black dot in the middle represents sickness, which is the center of healing someone, the ability to identify the root cause of ma’i (sickness). The overall design is the foundation of restorative health where Mauli Ola resides. The term “Hui” that rest upon this foundation is used to signify that healing is a collective process where we are all connected and rely on one another for Mauli Ola. One of the many gods attributed to healing was also named Mauliola.