Time to visit our Kupuna Kalo!

Looking back on the past Mauli Ola Wednesdays gathering at Papahana Kuaola in the beautiful ‘āina of Waipao.  Our guest speaker Kaipoi Kelling, a lifelong student of hāloa, family man and kalo enthusiast, shared with our group the importance and simplicity of reconnecting with our Kupuna Kalo.

I never knew i ka wa kahiko, in the old days, there were over 40,000 acres of kalo being farmed and these days we have less than 4,000 acres.  From the hundreds of varieties of kalo, we now have 40-60 variety.  With kalo being our national treasure, and the food staple that was always on the table.  Why arenʻt more of us not paying attention to our Kupuna??

In todays fast past society where our relationships of akua, kānaka, and ‘āina are not what our ancestors viewed as pono or balanced.  Where the last time we took time to mālama our ʻāina was when we were on summer vacation, a job retreat, or community service.

As Kaipoi stated “its important to plant with intention”.  This statement not only talks about our relationship with kalo and ‘āina, but also our relationships with our akua and fellow kānakas.  When we do thing with intention we have more purpose and when we do things with purpose we live a more meaningful and prosperous life.

Iʻve learned from our discussion that itʻs easy to plant kalo:  get clean huli, get a pot and some soil, or pick a good place in your garden to plant, pick a good moon, and plant with intention.  An acronym from back in the days that has always stuck with me is  ” D.D.D.D.B.C. ” Daily Discipline Done Daily Build Character.  These daily disciplines of taking care of our kupuna include building a good relationship, daily nurturing, watering, talking story and malamaʻn.  This was the character of our kupuna!

Letʻs all take this makahiki season to nurture our relationships with our kupuna!

E Ola!

reference www.kupunakalo.com

Blog written by Kamaka Jingao



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